Bosque del Samán Alcalá La Finca Hotel El Bosque del Samán se encuentra construida en medio de una hacienda cafetera de 110 cuadras, cuenta con tres construcciones en su infraestructura.
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Interactive and artisanal coffee processing

In El Bosques del Samán visitors can enjoy and learn everything related to the interactive and artisanal process of coffee, from the cultivation to the processing of the bean. They will be able to interact, dressed in the typical costumes of the Colombian coffee region, collecting the ripe beans from the tree, pulping them in a manual machine, taking them out to the sun to dry them on guadua stretchers, threshing them in wooden or stone piles with walnut handles, roasting them in a large pan, grinding them manually and finally tasting or taking with them a delicious Colombian gourmet coffee processed by themselves.