Bosque del Samán Alcalá La Finca Hotel El Bosque del Samán se encuentra construida en medio de una hacienda cafetera de 110 cuadras, cuenta con tres construcciones en su infraestructura.
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This is Bosques del Samán, an experience hotel. More than a rural accommodation hotel, we are focus on letting you experience every single detail of the Coffee Region of Colombia, the place where the most famous coffee of the world is produced. Here, you’ll get to connect with our culture, appreciate the most beautiful landscapes and environment of the Coffee Triangle while you delight yourself with the gastronomy, enjoy the activities and rest in the peace and quiet of the country.

Facilities and activities

These are some of the facilities that will bring you the comfy of a city hotel to a rural accommodation hotel while you experience the region of the most famous coffee of the world:


Prepare your own cup of coffee and enjoy it. Our interactive and artisan coffee process is a whole experience where you’ll dress up like with the typical clothes of our country people to plantain, recollect, peel and prepare a delicious cup of coffee… well… we’ll tell you a bit of history of how the coffee came to Colombia, but we promise it’s going to be fun.

Juan Sanchez
Juan Sanchez
Un lugar muy bonito Recomendados los desayunos y las cenas, son brutales, los almuerzos pues ahí. Pueden mejorar en el tema del aseo de la piscina. Ordeñar le encantó a mi hija y la opción del vado leche recién ordeñada es de lo mejor
masaomi “kurokuromama”
masaomi “kurokuromama”
Rommel Leon
Rommel Leon
Excelente lugar para descansar y sentir la naturaleza. Tiene una granja interactiva con ordeño, proceso del café, etc. Adicionalmente, cuenta con un sendero ecológico muy agradable y fácil de transitar, pero todo el tiempo rodeado de agua y plantas. El aseo excelente. Las habitaciones son acogedoras. Instalaciones amplias con buenas zonas verdes.El desayuno y cena, que ofrecen como media pensión, le falta un poquito de sazón. El acceso al hotel está bien desde Alcalá.
Edwin Guerra
Edwin Guerra
Muy familiar comendado.
Steven dosRemedios
Steven dosRemedios
I enjoyed staying here in the coffee region. This is a large resort with many activities for the whole family. It is rustic and remote; not everything is in tip-top shape, but it's all relative. The resort uses an electric pump for shower water, so when it's off there's no water in the shower. Not a big deal, but no early showers for us.
The place is a paradise on Earth! Nature, food, weather...everything was ideal! It is well located for the trips around the region, but the road (last 3km from Alcala down the path Alcala-Filandia) is just horrific if you don't have a high terrain car. So many holes! Hopefully the owners of the local hostels and hotels are going to join and fix the road. The food is amazing, portions very big and there are options for vegans too! Was sad to hear that I could not buy their cheese, but enjoyed it immensely. The swimming pool too. Everything was clean, people were so kind and helpful! We participated in the activities and I loved it, I learned a lot about coffee making and growing. We bought their coffee and it has wonderful aroma and tase, without the sour aftertaste (that majority of coffee in Europe has). Will definitely come back many times more! Thank you from Serbia!



Alcalá Vereda La Caña
Km 5 road Alcala - Filandia.

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